CMX90G302 1.4 – 7.1 GHz Positive Gain-Slope Amplifier +2 dB



The CMX90G302 is a low-power 50 Ω cascadable MMIC gain block suitable for a wide variety of wireless applications operating in the 1.4 – 7.1 GHz frequency range. 

The gain block has a positive gain-slope of +2 dB across the band, eliminating the need for equalisation and compensates for increasing system losses with frequency. 

CMX90G302 is highly integrated for ease of use, minimising component count and board area. RF ports are matched on-chip to 50 Ω with DC-blocking capacitors. An active bias circuit allows the device to operate over a wide supply voltage of 2.7V to 5V with typical current of 20 mA. 

Using GaAs pHEMT to provide a combination of low DC power, low noise and high gain. 

An alternative part, CMX90G301, is available for applications that require less gain-slope compensation. 


  • Wide frequency range 1.4 – 7.1 GHz 
  • Positive gain-slope +2dB 
  • Small signal gain 14.5 – 16.5 dB 
  • Single positive DC supply 2.7 – 5 V 
  • Low noise figure 2 dB 
  • Input and output matched to 50 Ω 
  • Output P1dB +11.5 dBm @3.5 GHz 
  • 1.8 V logic compatible enable 
  • 105°C operating temperature 


  •  Tx and Rx systems 
  • 4G / 5G wireless infrastructure 
  • TDD and FDD 
  • IF amplifier 
  • License-free bands 
  • General purpose gain block 
  • Eliminate passive equaliser 
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